Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ex-Tiffany's Executive Allegedly Stole $1.3 Million Worth of Jewelry!

There will be no more blue boxes for former Tiffany Vice President, Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun, who was seized Tuesday by FBI agents in her Darien, CT, home for allegedly stealing $1.3 million of jewelry from the company.  She has been accused of stealing over 165 pieces of jewelry over the past two years and selling them to an international jewelry buyer and reseller. 

First of all, Darien, CT is 85 out of 100 on the Forbes Llst of "America's Most Expensive Zip Codes" so I find it hard to believe she did it for the money unless something nefarious is going on in the Lederhaas-Okus homestead.

Let me just say, we who work in the jewelry industry, are by far, the most honest people in the workforce.  We must be.  We are surrounded by diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls every day.  We work with some of the most desirable commodities available to the human race, other than drugs (FYI-jewelry are drugs to some women I know).  As a result, jewelry associates must be 100% impervious to the "temptations of the bauble". You must think of it as if you worked in a garbage dump; or a dung recycling factory.  Something hideous.  Otherwise you would be stuffing tennis bracelets into your shoes everyday and sweating it out as you exit the co-worker security door. 

Perhaps Ms. Lederhosen, the executive, blurred the lines.  She may have become a little too comfortable with the casualness of it all and thought those 165 pieces of jewelry she hocked as HER actual stuff.



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Jessie said...

Hilarious, as usual. Thinking of jewelry as "dung" would be a stretch for me, but I see your point. Apparently this Tiffany's executive should have seen sapphires as sewage and rubies as rubbish.

I would love to know why Lederhaas-Okun did this. If it wasn't for the money, perhaps it was for the intrigue. Isn't the life of a Tiffany's exec exciting enough?