Friday, June 8, 2012

Kate - The Girl with a Fake Pearl Earring

Would someone please tell the new royals
 they do not have to wear paper bags on their heads all the time?
What did you think about the Duchess of Cambridge's faux pearl earrings?  I don't know about you but her frugal nature is beginning to get a tinkly bit old.  She must have access to some of the most amazing jewels in the world and, dammit, I want her to wear them.  I know she's trying hard to fit in with the Royal family's desire to be seen as non-squandering leeches by wearing the same schmatta more than once and by recycling those L. K. Bennett shoes until the heels are scuffed, but come on, they are one of the world's wealthier couples. Don't you miss Princess Diana's pearls, sapphire and diamonds? 

Remember the jeweled headband she wore that night?  Where did that come from?