Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Real Reason Mother's Day Is So Important

Mother 365 days a year when given
the right gift of jewelry.
Regardless of how angelic, beautiful, patient and wonderful your mother is, it is always possible for her to morph into Joan Crawford if the wrong (or zero) present is bestowed upon her on the one official day set aside for her each year.

Whatever you do, don't stop at the nearby Easter Flower ` Mother's Day Flower tent set up next to your local gas station.  That just screams you did not have a good gift ready and you were lazy about getting gas.  If your mother has a conglomerate of lillies, tulips, daffodils and hydrangea's of various colors and fragrances planted outside her front door then you know you do this sort of thing.

For you lazy people, please shop online.  Companies like Bellatutto, Portero, Gilt, eBay, Bonanza and other after market selling sites offer all types of jewelry, designer handbags and shoes, and other fine accessories that mom would love at prices you can afford.  Just click your way through your lunch hour and you can buy a great gift without lowering yourself to the obvious and unwanted gas station flower arrangement.

So the real reason Mother's Day is so important is if given the right gift (of jewelry preferably) you will not wake up with Joan pouring your morning coffee.

Your mother's alternative personality after given gas station flowers.
Some great Mother's Day gift ideas from

Charriol 18K White Gold 1.65tcw Flamme Blanche Diamond Bracelet - Retail: $9995 - Bella Tutto:  $4495

David Yurman SS/18K Oval Thoroughbred Locket - Retail:  $825 - Bella Tutto:  $575

Roberto Coin 18K WG/YG 1.00tcw Nabucco Pave Diamond Huggie Earrings - Retail:  $3690 - Bella Tutto:  $2195

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why John Hardy Jewelry Stands the Test of Time

There are so many designer jewelry lines to pick from today it's hard to select just the right one.  Should you look for design, quality, wearability or price?  In my opinion, one designer meets those criteria and more...John Hardy.

Canadian designer and artist, John Hardy, started his company in 1975.  After visiting Bali in the 70's, the jewelry making industry there caught his eye.  He began learning the techniques of the local artisans and developed his first pieces by combining new artistic design concepts with the traditional Balinese jewelry making techniques.  His still largely hand crafted jewelry collections are inspired by the earth, water, flowers, architecture, buildings, windows and more.  In the 90's, Guy (pronounced "Gee") Bedarida joined the company as Head Designer and eventually took on the task of guiding the John Hardy business into the 21st century.  Together with CEO, Damien Dernoncourt, the John Hardy company strives in every way to be a sustainable brand corporately, artistically, humanly and globally.

It seems to me that people who are drawn to John Hardy jewelry respect the earth in which we live and want to support a brand that gives back.  I highly suggest if you ever see that Guy is doing a Personal Appearance in your local Neiman Marcus or Sak's Fifth Avenue, you run to that store to meet him and buy a piece of John Hardy jewelry.  To own a piece is like owning a piece of the earth!

If you can't make it to see Guy, please check out for their current selection of John Hardy jewelry which includes three couture pieces for sale from a Guy Bedarida trunk show. 

Batu Silang Sterling Silver 18K Diamond & Red Sapphire Cuff.  Retail $ $2400

Batu Silang Sterling Silver 18K Diamond & Red Sapphire Enhancer.  Retail $ $2190

Batu Silang Sterling Silver 18K Diamond & Red Sapphire Ring.  Retail $ $1250

Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Flubs and Misses

I'm sorry, but I don't consider those Oscar shoes.
There are so many articles dedicated to the fabulosity of the Oscars that I've decided to dedicate my thoughts to some of my more slanted observations from last night.

My first shock of the night was crypt keeper Liza Minnelli and her siblings.  I heard they were going to perform in dedication to the 75th anniversary of their mother's famous movie, The Wizard of Oz, but I was secretly relieved when they didn't.  Apparently there wasn't enough embalming fluid in the state of California available to pump them up and Pink, from my hometown Philadelphia, came to the rescue and did such a memorable rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that for a moment, I was 9 years old again and sitting on the floor of my old living room in front of our huge RCA TV, seven hours before the show was to air, afraid to miss the one time they aired it during the Christmas season.

The original Scarecrow on the right.

There were other Night of the Living Dead moments.  Without Matthew McConaughey to steer her around, Kim Novak's face could have easily melted by getting too close to the hot lights.  Note to Self:  Check to see if facial fillers are flame retardant before you consider.  And poor Sidney Poitier, being held up by Angelina Jolie...and scary Goldie Hawn...why do they parade these people in front of the millions of us knowing we all have HDTV.

Her plastic surgeon should lose his license.
86 year old Sidney Poitier literally being held up by Angelina Jolie so he doesn't cave in.
Goldie Hawn celebrating her 86th year attending the Oscar's
And, as if John Travolta isn't totally creepy enough, we all witnessed a Vinny Barbarino moment when he introduced Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem.  It's not like you don't have a Q-card spelling the name phonetically right in front of your Beautiful Chrissy Growing Hair Doll head.  Plus, you get to practice the name a time or two before.  If others can say Lupita Nyong'o, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Quvenzhane Wallis all in the same evening, you can spit out Idina Menzel for gods sake.

If John Travolta's display of verbal tongue twisting is any indication of what Scientology has to offer, Idina Menzel will never join.
Am I the only one getting a little tired of Jennifer Lawrence falling all over the place.  Is that her good luck charm?  More like a desperate plea for attention.  I'm so glad Nyita Longo, no, oh sorry...I mean Nolonger Pepita...whatever, won for Twelve Years a Slave.

Jennifer Lawrence should wear different shoes.
Only Mickey Rooney had the sense to stay off the red carpet.  But then again, I'm not sure he can walk.

Harrison Ford checking Mickey Rooney's pulse...just to be sure.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Why Are You Still Shopping In An Actual Store?

Ugh.  My guess is there's only one sales person on the floor.
Signs of the Christmas holiday have been present since before Halloween, but I really don't get in the mood until Thanksgiving approaches.  As a former retail queen, Christmas after Labor Day is abhorrent to me, but since I watch retail from the sidelines these days, I do have an early interest in who will win the black belt of shopping this year - Black Friday vs.Cyber Monday.  Will 2013 be the first year internet sales top brick and mortar sales during the holiest of shopping days - Black Friday weekend?

We all know why on line shopping beats store shopping.  Where else can you score awesome deals and drink, smoke, eat, have your own clean bathroom nearby, yell at your kids, and talk to your sister on the phone all while visiting ten stores at basically the same time (depending on your computer skills).  On-line shopping also protects us from some of the more nefarious store shopping cultures like rude shoppers, profiling, parking lot rage, snotty sales associate syndrome, crowds, lack of store stock, filthy bathrooms, long lines with no one to wait on you anyway, and trans fat only food court offerings.  Not to mention that recently, for some unknown reason, malls have become a target for psychopaths.

Victorian shopper's rage...Bitch stole my lace jabot!
So, tell me, why would you subject yourself to a Victorian way of shopping?  On line shopping is safe, secure, convenient and easy, not to mention a world-wide selection at your fingertips!  Happy Cyber shopping!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Babies Are The New Jewelry!

I'm constantly checking out celebrities looking for new jewelry trends but this year all I see are babies and baby bumps.  In fact, babies have become the new celebrity jewelry.  Babies are hanging off arms where bracelets and watches should be.  Looking back, I remember my bracelets, earrings and big rings had to go for fear my babies would be scratched.  So sad.

There have been so many celebrity babies born this year the east and west coasts have been virtual hatching stations.  One could reverse menopause just by visiting.  Penelope Cruz and Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum gave birth on the same date as the Duchess, and JImmy Fallon and his wife welcomed a daughter yesterday.  Other celebrity and pseudo celebrity baby explosions of note this year include Anna Chlumsky, Elton John and David Furnish, Shakira, Michael Lohan and Kate Major, Perez Hilton, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, Holly Madison (of Playmate fame), Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, beauty Malin Ackerman, Channing and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Jessica Simpson, and Busy Phillips, Jenna Bush-Hager, Jeremy Renner's girlfriend (surprise!), Lisa Ling, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just to name a few.  How odd that we haven't seen Kim and Kanye's baby yet but we've already seen the Prince of Cambridge.  Perhaps it's because Kate and William don't need to sell the photos.

Kate showing her post-delivery baby bump.  No rush here to look like she's never been pregnant. 
Perhaps she will start a new trend.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ex-Tiffany's Executive Allegedly Stole $1.3 Million Worth of Jewelry!

There will be no more blue boxes for former Tiffany Vice President, Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun, who was seized Tuesday by FBI agents in her Darien, CT, home for allegedly stealing $1.3 million of jewelry from the company.  She has been accused of stealing over 165 pieces of jewelry over the past two years and selling them to an international jewelry buyer and reseller. 

First of all, Darien, CT is 85 out of 100 on the Forbes Llst of "America's Most Expensive Zip Codes" so I find it hard to believe she did it for the money unless something nefarious is going on in the Lederhaas-Okus homestead.

Let me just say, we who work in the jewelry industry, are by far, the most honest people in the workforce.  We must be.  We are surrounded by diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls every day.  We work with some of the most desirable commodities available to the human race, other than drugs (FYI-jewelry are drugs to some women I know).  As a result, jewelry associates must be 100% impervious to the "temptations of the bauble". You must think of it as if you worked in a garbage dump; or a dung recycling factory.  Something hideous.  Otherwise you would be stuffing tennis bracelets into your shoes everyday and sweating it out as you exit the co-worker security door. 

Perhaps Ms. Lederhosen, the executive, blurred the lines.  She may have become a little too comfortable with the casualness of it all and thought those 165 pieces of jewelry she hocked as HER actual stuff.



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mindy Kaling Says Little Women Need To Wear Big Jewelry...Makes Perfect Sense

I've always thought petite women needed to wear larger jewelry.  Even if it's only one piece like a bracelet or a statement necklace.  Alas, many smaller girls insist on wearing "why bother" gems that get lost on their bod's.

Mindy Kaling, from The Office and The Mindy Project, says..."I have an overtly 'new money' aesthetic -- I am the child of immigrants after all!" admits Massachusetts native Kaling. "I like jewelry that's big. I like conspicuous jewelry!" "For the most part, I like for my jewelry to make me feel dainty -- not the other way around."  That makes perfect sense to me.  Obviously, her Dartmouth degree is in Defensible Image Shopping and Acquisition of Overly Expensive Goods.

As the actress explains, her collection of baubles is so impressive that it often attracts extra attention. "At the airport, it takes me 30 minutes to get through security with all of my jewelry," jokes the star, 33. One of Kaling's favorite pieces in her collection is a vintage rose gold 1968 Rolex oyster watch.

18K Rose Gold Day Date President's Rolex Watch, circa 1973, $14,950.