Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Did You Love the Jewelry?

Did you get up early? Of course you did.  If you are over 50 and totally loved Diana (and would still secretly love to see Camilla trip over something on the sidewalk) you were watching,  Or, you are menopausal and you were awake anyway. In any case, my sister and I thought it was beautiful. We watched the event while on the phone. We didn’t even Skype. I’m sure William and Catherine would skeeve if they knew how many women were out there watching them in their bathrobes with sticky up hair holding very large cups of coffee like my sister and me.

Did you love the jewels? I’m glad she wore a tiara but it could have been a little grander. There's nothing wrong with vintage Cartier and I guess if the Queen lets you pick through her jewelry you don’t automatically put your hands on the biggest honking piece of whatever is in the box like I would do… but that’s why she got the Prince.

And the Wartski-designed ring, although beautiful and loaded with tradition, should have been a diamond eternity band along with the plain gold band. (Even Tiffany & Co. agrees with me. Look to the left for the ad the company took out on the day of the royal wedding). Diamond eternity bands just say something....eternal. I myself prefer very large stones going around my finger but others prefer small, understated diamonds. Either way, they say forever and if you are given one by the Prince in your life, well, how could that be wrong.

The earrings given to Kate by her parents were another story. That’s what new money can do for you. Inspired by the new Middleton family coat-of arms and designed by Robinson Pelham to match her tiara, they are keepers for sure. Only your mother can do that for you.

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