Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Watch News - This Time From The Sportsworld

Color coordinated all the way.
There is controversy swirling around the IOC due to Jamaican sprinter, Yohan Blake's decision to wear a one of a kind, custom made, Jamaican flag rendition, Richard Mille tourbillon prototype watch valued at $500,000 during the semi-finals and finals of the 100 meter dash.  There are strict regulations and subsequent fines regarding allowable apparel, which is limited to country sponsored items only.  If it is a non-clothing item, athletes are required to use Olympic sponsored merchandise.  Therefore, Blake should have been wearing a $500,000 Omega - as they are the official timekeeper of the Games.

Let's stay tuned to see if Blake wears the watch during the 200 meter final Thursday night.
Yeah man, you heard me - the guy behind us is the Timex ambassador!

However, Blake is not the first athlete to sport this exclusive watch.  Richard Mille worked with Rafael Nadal to create a watch light enough (20 grams) to withstand the rigors of a tennis swing.  Nadal was seen sporting the $525,000 RM027 at Wimbeldon in 2010 and again at the French Open in June.  Interesting note, during the Open, Nadal had his Mille stolen from his hotel room.  This time it was found.  A few years ago, he had another half-million dollar Mille stolen from his locker at the Rogers Cup in Toronto.  Not sure if he ever got that one back.
Bubba Watson incurred grief when he wore his custom made, $525,000, super-light Richard Mille RM038 tourbillon at this years Masters.  A fan negatively tweeted that he was wearing a watch that cost more than some people made in a lifetime.  Another wished Bubba would pay off his mortgage with the money instead.

The front of Bubba's watch.

The back of Bubba's Richard Mille - sweat goobers and all.

Luxury watches and sports have gone hand in hand for years.  Many of today's top athletes wear Rolex, Tag Heuer, Audemars Piguet, Omega, and more.  They are paid to wear these watches much like they are paid to wear hats, clubs, shirts, pants, shoes, underwear...whatever.  The pro's are lucky enough to wear this schwag in return for some of the best, yet subtle advertising out there.  And, as long as their star shines, they will be courted as brand ambassadors.  Even Tiger Woods is wiping the tarnish off his star as we speak.  He recently re-signed with Rolex who believe strongly in their international clients who, unlike Americans, forgave Tiger for his infidelities a long time ago.

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