Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beyonce Is Singlehandedly Bringing Back The 80's With Her Gigantic Earrings

Those of us who are a certain age (you know who you are) remember the 80's as the next best thing since the 60's.  We were still young, but old enough to enjoy the loads of money we made, loved our big hair, shoulder pads, Princess Diana and cell phones that were as big as shoes.  Now, I see that Beyonce is a one woman diesel fashion train driving a jewelry statement back to the 80's by wearing some of the most outrageous earrings ever seen on a human.

Beyonce hangs Oscars on either side of her head when meeting Ban Ki-moon as they join forces to launch a campaign in honor of World Humanitarian Day.
This is a close up.  Yes, they are her earrings...or a pair of those yellow Nike Volts, I'm not sure.

Here is Beyonce holding up two worlds on either side of her head.  Who needs Atlas.

Diamond dusters - always acceptable.

One thing I learned from the 80's is that it's hard on your lobes to wear ear muffs like this.  However, you won't know it for 30 years or so.

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Jessie said...

What was Blue Ivy's birth weight? I don't think it was as much as those earrings.