Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian-What Happens To The Ring?

David Gilmore's spot on rendition of Kim's ass.
The divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was announced yesterday. Are we surprised? A resounding no.

When will we, the slobbering public, who soak up celebrity stories like Sponge Bob, have enough of feeling stupid by living precariously through the smoky eye-shadowed and over blushed glittered lives of the Kardashians...with their small, rodent type voices squeaking out nano-sized syllables of empty headedness.  I am uber weary of seeing these three women with their oversized lips glossed to a spitty shine, heaving breasts with lives of their own, and painted hooves crammed into orthopedic-looking blocks of wood shoes. And you thought those Birkens were a fashion statement?  They really help to keep the girls upright and walking straight....sort of like steering sticks.  But now, saddest of all, there are beautiful diamonds looking for a good home. People should be really sure they want to have diamonds before they get married.

And was the Lorraine Schwartz 20 carat diamond a loaner from the very start...just to be returned, as planned, when this charade marriage went bust?  I'd hate to think she was in on it.

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