Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Diamonds Now Come From The Sun - The 110 Carat Sun Drop

Here we go again.  Can you believe another gargantuan yellow diamond is on the auction block?  This time it's the largest known diamond of it's kind.  On November 15th, Sotheby's will auction the 110.3 carat pear shaped, fancy vivid yellow "Sun Drop" diamond, discovered in South Africa just last year.  The interesting thing about this stone is that it has no history.  It has never been owed privately, and buyers seem to like this as they want to mark it with their own scent.  In this case, they even get to name it.

The scarcity of yellow diamonds, along with the highest color rating bestowed by GIA of "fancy-vivid-yellow", supports auction estimates of $11-$15 million dollars. 

Jerry Hall wishing she was still married to Mick Jagger so he could buy her this diamond.

Jerry...even this diamond doesn't cover the fact that women over 50 should wear bangs.

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Anya Rae@ZeeXchange said...

Gorgeous!! Over $11M!!..... I'm sure it looks amazing as a pendant.