Sunday, October 9, 2011

Will You Still Love Me, When I'm.........Married AGAIN???

Paul Mc Cartney married trucking heiress, Nancy Shevell today in London.  What would possess him to do that?  Didn't he learn the last time?  The notoriously cheap Beatle, who divorced the nasty Heather Mills in 2008 for $50 million, has been called "stingy" even by his own daughter, famed clothing designer, Stella Mc Cartney.  With a one page pre-nup that basically says she can't have any of the money promised to Beatrice, his daughter with Mills, he's banking on that fact that Shevell won't want any of his money because she has plenty of her own.  

Looking exactly like the aged version my 1964 issue of "Mad Magazine" promised he would on the back page tri-fold puzzle, he married Shevell in the same place where thousands of fans thronged and mourned his marriage to Linda Eastman in March 1969.  A very small ceremony which included Ringo Starr and Shevell's second cousin, Barbara Walters, was held on what should have been John Lennon's 71st birthday (for the love of God has it been that long?).  Wealthy in her own right, Shevell actually told Mc Cartney she had her own diamonds and didn't need any from him.
Nonetheless, Mc Cartney fested Shevell with a $650,000 vintage Cartier diamond, purchased from jeweler Neil Lane.  It is a flawless, round, five carat plus stone from the art deco period.  The side shank of the ring accented with black onyx.

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