Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rolex Signs Tiger Woods-A Partnership For A New Challenge

I'm Baaaack............sort of.
In a move that indicates Tiger Woods might not have to live in the basement much longer, luxury watchmaker, Rolex, has just signed him to a "long standing" (some say five years) endorsement deal. In a statement on their website, Rolex states they are "paying tribute to the exceptional stature of Tiger Woods and the leading role he plays in forging the sport's global appeal. It also constitutes a joint commitment to the future." Welcome to the Rolex Rehab Center.

Rolex is convinced Tiger has many years ahead of him to scratch and climb back to number one (he's currently 51st in World Golf Rankings), and "the brand is committed to accompanying him in his new challenges," which means they will be hanging on him like a fly on poop to make sure he keeps his pants on. I'm not sure if this move makes Tiger look better, or makes Rolex look worse?

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Jessie said...

Best post ever! The marriage of jewelry and sports: what a collision of interests! The perfect watch meets the perfect golfer (okay, used to be perfect golfer). I think it's interesting that a device used to track time should be Tiger's first post-adultery endorsement. He doesn't have much time left to regain his title as the world's best golfer, but now he has Rolex behind him to spur him on.