Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Wedding Ring Will Kim Kardashian Choose?

With just a few days to go before what some people are calling the "Next Royal Wedding," many are wondering what Kim Kardashian's wedding ring will look like. One thing you can count on is it will be big. She will need a ring that will counterbalance the 20.5 carat diamond engagement ring Kris Humphries gave her, which, if you will remember, is counterbalancing her huge ass. If I was Kim, I would move that giant diamond to my right hand, and get a wide diamond band or a large eternity ring set with emerald cut diamonds for my left hand. I understand she occasionally wears a CZ version of her engagement ring for security reasons, so why not have real diamonds that you can wear all the time as a great looking wedding band? She may also want to consider a thin platinum band to wear while she cleans the house and does the dishes. This type of band is perfect for engraving inside, however, it shouldn't be engraved too deeply as there are big questions as to how long this marriage is going to last.

There are rumors that the ring is the same one she had when engaged to Reggie Bush back in 2009, or that Kim bought the ring herself, or even that celebrity station "E" purchased the ring in return for the rights to televise her wedding. Look at the photos below and decide for yourself whether or not this was her Reggie ring. Either she really, really likes this design and had it duplicated, or it's the same ring. 

I'm really not so interested in watching the Kardashian-Humphries wedding on TV. I couldn't wait to get up at four in the morning and watch along with my sister as the "Real Royal Wedding" of Kate Middleton and Prince William took place this past spring. Maybe it's the vacuous, reality nonsense that make up the Kardashian persona, versus the centuries of history, legacy, drama and intrigue the royals own, that make Kim's the less than compelling wedding to watch. 

I'm fascinated about why Kim Kardashian and her fembot family of fame vampires are one of the most often Google'd names, only to find most people bash them big time in the comments section. The three sisters together, along with their bossy cow mother and the creepiest version of Bruce Jenner to date, are the hilt of annoyance to most people, but we continue to be interested and they continue to make a fortune as a result.  

All I know is if you Google "famous for nothing," Kim Kardashian comes up. 

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