Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Kardashian Bubble

Do you think Kim Kardashian's wedding was more exclusive than Kate Middleton and Prince William's April nuptials?  Although there was similar mystery shrouding the dress and ring  beforehand, there isn't the same type of after buzz.  The Kardashian's cut a deal with E! News and People Magazine who control the rights to the wedding video's and photos, and when they will be released and we must suffer until October until we see the entire thing (sob).  As you scour the internet, you will find the same photos of Kris Jenner's ridiculous bow gown (was Vera playing a joke - I thought they were friends) and little Mason scampering erratically down the aisle (cue human element) but real information about her big day is being slowly squeeked out  like the air out of a balloon.

From the photos I've seen, I have to say she looked beautiful, including her unusual headpiece, which featured a 2.5 million dollar, 65 carat diamond strand, with large stones hanging throughout on her forehead.  I guess it's what you wear when you don't have a 300 year old tiara in the family that you can to dust off and sparkle in for the day.  But the real show stopper had to be those 28 carat diamond earrings.  Reports say all of her jewelry was exclusively provided by Lorraine Schwartz, the same designer who made that unbelievable 20.5 carat engagement ring, and totaled over 10 millions dollars.  The earrings, reminiscent of Oprah's fabulous Graff diamond earrings, have a huge pear shaped diamond swinging from a diamond element at the ear.

I think she'll get tired of this look as it's not easy to wear.
I was able to finally see an image of her wedding band and I called it in my previous post, "What Wedding Ring Will Kim Kardashian Choose?" Also by Lorraine Schwartz, it looks like Kim chose a 15 carat eternity band of emerald (or radiant or Ascher) cut diamonds, however, she's wearing it with her engagement ring which is not a very good idea.  Not only don't they fit very well, but diamonds rubbing against diamonds could cause damage to the stones (diamonds are the only stone that can damage another diamond).  Although it would be fun to wear thirty plus carats on your finger, alas, it's not very comfortable.

9.0tcw. Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band.
Blue Nile.  H-VS2, Platinum, $33,000. 

But I predict a Kardashain bubble is in the making.  Just like the internet bubble, the housing bubble and the banking bubble, the Kardashian's are approaching bubble bursting over-exposure.  They should cut back but show no signs of doing so.  There are even two new Kardashian sisters who are being cultivated in the lab as we speak because there can never be enough Kardashian's.  But even Oprah knew when it was time to go...I just hope we don't have 25 years of Kardashian's....I'm not interested in see Kim go through menopause.

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