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The Jewelry Catherine Duchess of Cambridge Wore Through The North American Tour

Catherine and William are back in England now that their North American tour is over.  William wants to fly helicopters and Catherine wants to grow herbs and get pregnant.  However, she’s going to have to eat a little something because developing embryo's don't do all that well on watercress.  At 5' 10", some say Catherine is hovering around the 100-105 pound range.  Jewelry doesn't look good on a broomstick.

Kate’s royal tour fashion was nice but I feel a little meh about it because the royal corporation has a lot to say about how she must dress when on these official visits, i.e., British designers, no short skirts, pantyhose is usually a must, discreet hairstyles, and even closed toe shoes most of the time, so – kudos to Kate for going against the grain and wearing those Jimmy Choo, five inch heeled, silver, Housewives of London foot jewelry while in LA.   

Although tasteful and demure, the jewelry she wore (some her own – some on loan) was very pretty.  She didn’t establish any new trends (other than pantyhose, ugh) so don’t worry...I don't think we'll be wearing maple leaf pins on our shoulders this fall but if we're not careful, there might be a Ruth Buzzi sighting in my neighborhood.

I'm warning not bring pantyhose back.  Do I need to say anymore?
Something new, the human fascinator.  
No, wait - that's William's hand, Ottawa, 7/01/11.
Really very beautiful - and you know how I feel about pins.

While in Yellowknife, Catherine and William received beautiful gifts of a diamond polar bear pin and diamond polar bear cuff links made with Canadian diamonds, by Northwest Territories Diamonds.  It was presented to them by Premier, Floyd Roland to commemorate their Royal tour of the country.  Both of the gifts were created with diamonds mined at the Diavik Diamond Mine and donated and designed by Harry Winston.  Diamond is the official gemstone of the Northwest Territories and the region produces about 15% of the world’s rough diamonds.  Who knew Canada was the world’s third largest diamond producer (in value) after Botswana and Russia.  I could almost drive there.  Yellowknife, 7/6/2011.

Fashion alert!  Let's see if any of the bear jewelry is ever worn.

Kate is a real fan of jewelry designer, Kiki McDonough.  A British designer who specializes in pieces made with semi-precious  stones with diamonds, Kiki McDonough has been in business for more than 25 years.  It only takes a celebrity with the status of Catherine to completely sell out many of the pieces she’s is offering on her website.  McDonough’s well priced jewelry features vibrant stones in contrasting color combinations set in 18K gold.   

Arriving at a private reception in Los Angeles, California.  Kate wears a Roksanda Ilincic Peridot dress. Her earrings are Kiki McDonough Grace Earrings, £695.00 ($1125, US).  Of course, they are currently out of stock.
California, 7/8/2011.

If you have a good local jeweler, these earrings are not hard to have made.  The white topaz is not an expensive stone and the diamonds are rather small.  The stones are approximately 9mm in size and, set if you set them in 14K gold (instead of 18K) you could have these made for much less than $1125.

Kiki McDonough white topaz and diamond earrings.  
Here's a closer look in case you want to have them made.

Kate is wearing Kiki McDonough citrine earrings featured in the photo below. 
Los Angeles, 7/09/2011.
One of Catherine’s favorite Kiki McDonough earrings.  
18K citrine drop earrings.  £495.00 (about $800 US).  Los Angeles, 7/9/2011.
Hard to see what earring she is wearing.  See below...

Cassandra Goad "Temple of Heaven" 9K gold earrings.   
£1,100, roughly $1750, US.  Seems very high for 9K gold.  
Check out Ippolita below for similar earrings but in 18K.

Ippolita 18K gold Open Oval Cascade Earring.  $2095 but 18K gold instead of 9K.  
I don't think I would invest that much money in 9K gold!

Catherine in Alexander McQueen and diamond earrings 
from the Queen's jewelry box.  Los Angeles, 7/10/2011.

A hard to find closeup of the diamond earring loaned by the Queen.  It's a posted earring with a bezel-set diamond at the top with three diamond stands, made with baguette and round diamonds attached.  Suspended from the center strand is what looks to be quite a large pear shaped diamond. Those LA beeyatches didn't have anything on her.

Almost jewelry.  That nice.

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