Sunday, May 8, 2011

Do You Make Faces When You Try On Earrings?

Konstantino Pearl Dangle Earrings
I showed a woman a pair of beautiful Konstantino earrings the other day ($555.00 on the Neiman Marcus website).  She was over 50 and probably was attractive in her earlier years but since she was a smoker (I could smell it) she had those little lines all around her mouth that one gets from years of pursing your lips as you  inhale cigarette smoke.  I guess you think you’re sexy and mysterious when you first start to smoke, however, by the time you’re 50, if you are still a smoker, those cigs have not been kind….and God forbid you tan as well – you just wind up looking like Keith Richards.

So she does this thing that about 80% of my female clients do when they try on earrings.   She puts them on, looks at herself in the mirror, then purses her lips to form some kind of sexy pout as she checked herself out.  Along with the pout, she also musses and poofs the hair  Now, I think she thought she was looking all fabulous and everything but I just heard the Rolling Stones in the background.   Just sayin’.....don’t smoke if you plan on wearing earrings later in life.

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