Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(Fans Do Not) Get Your Exclusive Authentic Replica of Claire's Ring Here!

Claire's Exclusive Authentic Replica Ring
I love the new Outlander series and I've waited a long time (like everyone else) to see the story brought to life on TV.  Love everything about it, but I and others (many others) really don't like the latest addition to the Outlander Official Store.  Expecting that fans will want to own a small piece of the legacy, the store offers all sorts of memorabilia.  The latest addition, offered right after "The Wedding" episode, is the exclusive, authentic replica of a ring Claire never wore, for $249.  I know there are serious Outlander followers, but we are discerning and although contrary to popular belief, we do not buy everything we see.  Not only is this item too expensive for what it is, IT'S NOT THE REAL RING!  With over 9500 overwhelmingly negative comments on Facebook, and backlash on the Outlander Store and Starz too, I'm sure the person who suggested this idea in the first place wishes that ring was a key again and could be used to lock themselves away until this blows over. Even Diana Gabaldon distanced herself and that must really be the death knell.

Claire's Thistle Ring
Claire's original thistle ring has it's own website found at the Author's Attic and can be purchased in sterling silver for about $50.  The only problem is the site cannot be accessed easily because there is a bandwidth issue.  I suggest you keep trying.  Oddly enough, many fan comments made on the Outlander Store page are directing those interested in the thistle ring to the Author's Attic site.  The marketing team at the Outlander Store probably never anticipated their ring would prompt people to buy something else entirely but this was a good lesson in reverse psychology and to never underestimate the intensity, the loyalty and the intelligence of Outlander fans.

From "The Wedding", EP 107


Darkraven said...

I like the ring from the show. It looks more authentic for the 18th century and I love how romantic and symbolic having it made from the key was. The thistle ring looks too much like a modern wedding band and I feel a bit creepy buying it for myself since I'm single. Also, I want something unique relating to just the show. I like that there are a few little changes that make it special. I would buy the ring in a heartbeat EXCEPT...the price is INSANE! A fan like me could never afford it! Why offer something that most of your fans can NEVER HAVE? Badly done, Outlander merch dept. Badly done.

M said...

I have a slightly different thistle ring, but I like the shop's ring too, and LOVE the symbolism of the key. I would not choose to spend that much money on it even if I could, but I guess I'm in the minority in not caring what they charge for things. I'll buy it or not. If it's too expensive then it's not for me. Simple. I just hope that money made on marketing means bigger budgets and/or more seasons of Outlander for us.

Gem Jewel said...

I agree Darkraven. I actually loved the idea of the key ring and what it represented. It's just the price that caught me off guard. From my experience selling fine jewlery, a sterling silver ring just shouldn't cost this much.

Gem Jewel said...

M...I think it's interesting that Diana Gabaldon distanced herself from this ring and all items coming out of the store so we know she's not getting any of the proceeds. It's a good question about where the money is going, however, since most fans feel negative about this particular ring, there might not been much in profits!

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