Friday, November 15, 2013

Why Are You Still Shopping In An Actual Store?

Ugh.  My guess is there's only one sales person on the floor.
Signs of the Christmas holiday have been present since before Halloween, but I really don't get in the mood until Thanksgiving approaches.  As a former retail queen, Christmas after Labor Day is abhorrent to me, but since I watch retail from the sidelines these days, I do have an early interest in who will win the black belt of shopping this year - Black Friday vs.Cyber Monday.  Will 2013 be the first year internet sales top brick and mortar sales during the holiest of shopping days - Black Friday weekend?

We all know why on line shopping beats store shopping.  Where else can you score awesome deals and drink, smoke, eat, have your own clean bathroom nearby, yell at your kids, and talk to your sister on the phone all while visiting ten stores at basically the same time (depending on your computer skills).  On-line shopping also protects us from some of the more nefarious store shopping cultures like rude shoppers, profiling, parking lot rage, snotty sales associate syndrome, crowds, lack of store stock, filthy bathrooms, long lines with no one to wait on you anyway, and trans fat only food court offerings.  Not to mention that recently, for some unknown reason, malls have become a target for psychopaths.

Victorian shopper's rage...Bitch stole my lace jabot!
So, tell me, why would you subject yourself to a Victorian way of shopping?  On line shopping is safe, secure, convenient and easy, not to mention a world-wide selection at your fingertips!  Happy Cyber shopping!

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Jessie said...

If I didn't have to try on clothes in order to see how they fit, I don't think I would ever go to a store. If someone would figure out how to scan my body and put it in those online clothing pics rather than the 6-foot model who weighs 100 pounds, that would be great. But that hasn't happened yet, and until it does, I will have to make the trek to the mall.

The Internet will also have to invent a virtual sister who will go shopping with me so there is someone there to give me fashion advice. I need someone who will tell me that the Vince sweater I'm ogling isn't too long and is worth the investment, but will also tell me that cashmere is not the marvelous investment everyone says it is.

But I try to buy everything else online. The older I get, the more I want to avoid stores and the challenge of negotiating them in these days hapless sales associates and parking lot drama.