Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bad Guys From Home Alone Rob KFC Instead of Jewelry Store

Two men in Australia with the same skill set as the bad guys from Home Alone attempted to rob a jewelry store for the third time on New Year's Eve.  However, rather than break into the store stocked with jewelry and gems, they landed in the restroom of the KFC next door, much to the surprise of the employees who were on duty at the time.  Undaunted by the prospect of winding up with wings and thighs instead of diamonds and pearls, they immediately robbed the KFC staff, making off with $2600.  The two robbers, Dwayne (always a Dwayne) Doolan and Peter Welsh, were later apprehended by police.

Determined to get into this store, the first time they threw spark plugs at the window hoping to shatter it and enter that way.  When that didn't work, they decided to break in through the back door but wound up in a nearby animal shelter store making off with $50 from a donation box (nice).  Their last attempt brought them into the bathroom of the KFC.

Could they have been going after these...

Poultry Jewelry - From L-R: Gem-set and diamond brooch by Michele della Valle; diamond and colored stone chicken brooch; and a diamond, colored stone and enamel brooch, Raymond Yard, circa 1930

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