Wednesday, May 23, 2012

People Forgot Where They Put Their Jewelry Even in 1100 BC

Hidden pictures.
There are goats on this solid gold earring somewhere.
Archaeologists from Tel Aviv University uncovered a vase wrapped in cloth at an archeological dig of a private Canaanite home. Inside they found jewelry dating back to 1100 BC. The assortment was well preserved and included carnelian beads consistent with Egyptian designs from the same period. Several of the pieces were solid gold, and one specific piece appears to be decorated with molded goats. This tells me that nothing in fashion is new, and the styles from the 80's were not original.

I always encouraged my clients to secure their jewelry in a safe that has been drilled into the floor in an accessible area in your home. My mother would have wrapped her jewelry in cloth and put it in a vase, but in today's "I'm gonna be in and out of your house and steal your shit in under one minute," that doesn't work. I remember a customer's classic story about hiding their jewelry in the rod of an old pull down movie screen that was attached to their ceiling (remember movie screens). When they moved out of that home, they forgot they had ever hidden the jewelry. A year later, they received a call from the people who bought their home. After they finally got settled, they decided to watch a movie. They heard a noise when they pulled down the screen, and imagine their surprise when a diamond ring, sapphire earring, and diamond tennis bracelet tumbled out of the thing. 

My point: just remember, if you don't have a safe, at least write down where your secret hiding spots are.

Actual Kenneth J. Lane goat earrings from the 80's.  They're baaaahhhhdddd.

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Jessie said...

Does this mean that I will someday find the Lagos necklace that matches my Lagos bracelet that I lost ten years ago? Or will some archeologist find it 3,000 years from now? I hope she enjoys it as much as I did. :-)