Monday, January 16, 2012

Jewelry at the 2012 Golden Globes

Here's some of the fantastic jewelry from last night's Golden Globe's award show.  If your name was Fred or Lorraine, you were more important than the friggin' award's...

Looking a little like a Q-tip tinged with a drop of blood, Angelina looked so bored I wondered why she even showed up.  Scarecrow...I'll miss you most of all.

Then... I saw these.  Lorraine Schwartz's 25 total carat weight round diamond earrings.  You can't even call them studs.  Each diamond weighs a whopping 12.5 carats.  I hope Angelina is comfortable about where these diamonds came from... like not her daughter's backyard.
Julianna Margulies wearing Lorraine Schwartz's amazing green jade and diamond double drop earrings.

Julianna Margulies.  The mistress of simplicity and the opposite color wheel.
She always gets it right... and, as a bonus, you get a smile.

Beautiful Freida Pinto wore a Chopard necklace made with 145 carats of yellow diamonds and 1705 micro pave diamonds.  The necklace was important enough to come with it's own bodyguard...Freida, not so much.

Elle Macpherson looking a little wrinkly in her Lorraine Schwartz bangles.
I find Julianne Moore incredibly annoying...however, her Fred Leighton emerald earrings are not.
She has redeemed herself in my eyes... for the moment.
Heidi Klum wearing early Lorraine - back when she knew Wilma.
I thought Kate Beckinsdale was probably as close to perfection as they came.
Lorraine Schwartz diamond duster earrings complimented her outrageous hair. 
Jessica Alba (who is she...what did she do)...was actually a close tie (in my opinion) to best dressed.
Especially with these 37 carat Bulgari diamond earrings.
I am only showing Reese Witherspoon's Fred Leighton arm because the rest of her was...what?  Questionable?  Some say she looked like an extra pound had been applied equally around her normally near perfect body?  So hoo keyhas?  Jewels by Fred.
This is one of Sophia Vagara's most famous features on which rests the most amazing Harry Winston diamond cuffs.
Need I say anymore. 
This is Madonna.  Remember her?  Please tell me...what was with the glove?

Tilda Swinton's jewels by Fred Leighton...
Tilda Swinton's hair by Woodstock.
There is nothing like a Dame...Dame Helen Mirren in 1950's Fred Leighton's diamond and sapphire earrings.

Glenn Close wearing Wilfredo Rosado's 32 carat sapphire and diamond earrings.
Glenn is obsessed with Albert Nobbs as she is still in make-up.

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Jessie said...

Great point about Angelina Jolie. Just who does she think mined those stones?