Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now This Is A Collar I Would Like To Wear

The Cushion Chiclet Necklace shown in citrine.
Please click on the link to see it in prasiolite.
If you read my recent post on collars, you'll remember that if you're not careful, you could wind up looking like Charlton Heston in a diaper, and that is not a good look.  So I'd like to show you a collar that's guaranteed to make you look much better than that.

The David Yurman Prasiolite and Diamond Cushion Chiclet Necklace (shown to the left in citrine) is made in sterling silver, pave diamonds, aqua chalcedony, prasiolite (green amethyst), and white agate. Beautifully made on the back as well as the front, rounded squares made from these stones line up next to each other to form a soft, neutral hued sparkler that would look great during the summer with a tan and flowing white silks, or during the winter with a white blouse and black pants.

This necklace would even be at home with a strapless gown on New Year's Eve!  Pair it with small earrings because this piece is the showstopper, and maybe add a silver cuff to balance out the look.

This is the best way to spend your money on a big piece of jewelry. Make sure you can wear it multiple ways with multiple outfits. David Yurman jewelry is perfect for this type of wear because casual luxury is the look you are going for. You know you've achieved it when your friends who never compliment you are moved to say something nice about how you look.

Even better, this piece, which retails for close to $5,000 in retail stores, can be found for $2,850, almost half the retail price, at bellatutto.com.  Bella Tutto is a company that offers designer jewelry at less than retail prices. Today, women churn through jewelry like we churn through pantyhose, so why should you pay retail.  Great bargains and deals can be found for all of your favorite jewelry designers on websites like bellatutto.com.

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