Monday, September 19, 2011

Where Do Chocolate Diamonds Come From?

Post-colonoscopy photo.  I wonder who had to...?
Chocolate diamonds are becoming very popular. Did you ever wonder how they were made? Well, for one, they come from Spain and this how it goes: Two women walk into a restaurant in a luxury resort in Spain. One puts her handbag on the floor, and they proceed to have dinner.

Soon, two men enter the room, one sits at the bar and the other at a table next to the women. The men leave and the woman soon discovers her handbag is missing and, along with it, 2000 euros, 400 pounds sterling, a mobile phone, a diamond pendant worth 12,000 euros ($16,500), plus some other insignificant fuzzballs from the bottom of her bag. Now girls, I know you are on vacation, but one can never let one's handbag out of one's sight, especially if one is carrying that kind of booty in it.

A few hours later four men were stopped at a checkpoint and police found the woman's handbag in the car. Everything was recovered except the diamond. The police saw one of the men put his hand to his mouth...hmmmm, they thought?  Did he just swallow that diamond? X-rays showed the stone in his stomach and, of course, police had to let nature take its course to recover the gem. And that's how chocolate diamonds are made.

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