Sunday, June 12, 2011

Paula Deen’s Diamonds

Hey Y’all... I’m Pawla Deen and I’m preparin' Pawla’s Breaded and Fried Stick of Butter for y’all today but I can’t lift mah hands because mah dahmonds are so big.  But ah need to lift mah hands so ah cin git out the meatloaf that’s still stuck in the prongs from yesterday…wait, hold on...I'm just gonna use mah teeth to git these last hunks out.  Mah husband tells me to never take mah rings off because he’s afraid ah might lose them - so ah don’t.  Look y'all...I cin see the ground beef through the top of mah dahmonds!

Actual stick of breaded and fried butter.

Seriously, I really like Paula Deen.  Her Chocolate Bread Pudding recipe is the best I’ve ever made and it always turns out great.  But it’s her diamond rings that I love the most.  There is little information out there other than she was robbed of about $100,000 in jewelry (not her diamonds, thankfully) back in 2010 by a skanky housekeeper.  In her husband, Michael Groover's book, My Delicious Life with Paula Deen, you will find a chapter he calls "Shopping for Paula."  He uses three jewelers and especially likes Levy Jewelers in Savannah, GA.  He also mentions A. & E. Jewelers and another jeweler, Michael Ross, in Mobile, AL.  He trusts each one and states that he can call any of them and ask, “What would Paula like,” and they will send something out to him on approval.  If she doesn’t like it, he can send it right back.  

However, I’m not sure I agree with him when he says, “Buy what you like (meaning he buys what he likes, not necessarily what Paula might like).  Unless a man has great taste in jewelry (and I’ve really only met a few over the years who were interested enough to pay that much attention, and they were usually weird and/or controlling), he is much better off shopping with his significant other and selecting something together, or looking in her jewelry box to see what she already has, or maybe calling his trusted selling professional in his favorite store…. another good reason to have that great salesperson who keeps a record of all your wife’s jewelry purchases.

Here is the only close up I could find of Paula’s huge diamond engagement ring.  Not sure of the carat weight but could be as much as 10 carats.

Rumor has it he designed those dahmond rings.  Lucky Pawla...he looks and shops like Santa Claus.

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harsh said...

Wow! Beautiful ring. Well, no one wants to put it down this beautiful ring from his/her hand anytime. Lucky you that you got this precious gift.

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